About Us

A one-stop-shop for talent acquisition,  HollyBolly  prides itself in connecting the best casting agents across the world with the best industry talent across Hollywood, Bollywood and the world.

What happens when you connect the two largest entertainment industries of the world together, Hollywood and Bollywood? You see the magic unfold!

HollyBolly aims to connect talent from Hollywood and Bollywood with casting professionals, and create a space for them to apply to castings. With so many models, makeup artists, photographers, writers, actors and other talented industry people looking to expand their horizons, and the endless opportunities available in the world’s biggest entertainment industries, HollyBolly is the bridge that connects the dots.

Whether you're an actor, model, singer, photographer, dancer or writer, newly starting out or with years of experience in your bag... there’s a place for everyone. Whether it is the colourful grandeur of Bollywood that entices you, or the thrill of being a part of Hollywood; the wide network of people connecting on HollyBolly is where the opportunities are.

We work with artists from various backgrounds, assisting them in finding work that can further enhance their skill set, land agents and gain industry experience. At the same time, we simplify the job of casting agents by creating a pool of artists for them to choose from.

As the saying goes "the world is your oyster" - with HollyBolly, the opportunities are endless!

With limitless opportunities available in the entertainment industry, aligning suitable talent with relevant opportunity can be a tedious task. Emphasizing the value of correct casting, HollyBolly understands the importance of assigning the right job to the right person, as you never know when which lucky break might lead you to stardom.

HollyBolly provides an easy solution for both casting agents and talent to connect by providing a centralised website that is easily accessible at any location across the world. Casting agents are able to connect with talent in real time, ensuring the right talent can be selected for the right job!

HollyBolly is an active member of Media, Entertainment, Creative and Arts Community (MECA) ensuring the high industry standard of the community is adhered to. Talented artists are presented with opportunities to meet casting professionals and will be able to grow with the MECA community.

We pride ourselves in our honest approach and being the best at what we do. We believe in improvising our approach with changing industry standards. So, believe it that you’re in good hands when you log onto HollyBolly because "If it ain't the best, it ain't on HollyBolly".