Martial Artist Ron Smoorenburg
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on 15 January, 2019
Martial Artist Ron Smoorenburg

Ron Smoorenburg is a Dutch martial artist and actor famous for his high-kicking debut in Jackie Chan’s Who Am I (1998). As a child, he began his training in the martial arts at the age of seven, starting with Judo and soon transitioning into Karate as well as Free Fighting. He is currently residing in Thailand, where he works as a stuntman, an actor, as well as fight choreographer. Smoorenburg has worked in both film and television in Thailand, spectacularly showcasing his craft as a martial arts artist. In the year 2016, he took on a role of a fighter opposite Michael Jai White in the movie Never Back Down: No Surrender. He then took the role of a heroic black knight in the movie Warrior’s Gate (2016). He has also worked in Bollywood movies such as Brothers and Sultan opposite Bollywood star Salman Khan. He says he is heavily influenced by personalities like Jackie Chan, Hwang In-Shik and Jean Claude Van Damme.

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