Photographer Kiki Lou
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on 4 February, 2019
Photographer Kiki Lou

Kiki Lou’s entry into photography is the perfect story of love for her art. She found herself drawing pictures of beautiful girls, who were incredibly stylish, even in school. She originally worked at a clothing store where she was involved with setting up photo shoots for their merchandise. Throughout the shoot, she found herself coming up with several ideas and techniques to raise the quality and depth of the image. Her friends, then pointed out her talent and decided to use her eyes behind the lens. With a vivid imagination, she could clearly see what difference a change in lighting and technique could make. Her pictures are extremely powerful and it speaks of her core beliefs. Her model shoots show women who are strong, confident and powerful, and dress for their joy to express themselves, and not impress anyone else. She firmly believes in the magic that comes from making a deep connection with her models, on a personal level, and earning their trust in the vision she has for them.

Posted By: HollyBolly