Make Up Artist Donald Simrock
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on 25 June, 2018
Make-Up Artist Donald Simrock

Donald Simrock is an International make-up artist whose unconventional aesthetics helped him begin his career in Hollywood. It all started at the age of 19 when Donald landed his first job as a host in clubs in Europe and New York. He had no formal training, but started creating theatrical make-up, practicing the looks on himself. This helped him apply himself creatively, make some money and travel the world. He moved from New York to Los Angeles in 2002 to work on his own, jumping the wagon on celebrity-driven projects. He then landed his first star project with Madonna. 

In the year 2016, Donald found himself in Mumbai, India, where he created his looks for the Lakmé Fashion Week. His work with Lady Gaga’s music video for ‘Just Dance’ (with a shiny blue lightning bolt on her cheek with elongated eyeliner) and Nicki Minaj's candy-pink lipstick is well known, and he is also working with Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra for T.V Series 'Quantico.'

Posted By: HollyBolly