Actor Mehdi Nebbou
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on 2 July, 2018
Actor Mehdi Nebbou

French superstar Mehdi Nebbou was born in France and is fluent in French, German, English and Italian. He began his career with the film 'My Sweet Home' directed by Filipo Tsitos. His filmography spans over a decade with films like 'Seeds of Doubt' (2004), in which he played the lead role, followed by Schläfer (2005), directed by German director Benjamin Heisenberg. In 2008, he worked alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the film 'Body of Lies.'

It was in 2012 that Mehdi stepped towards Bollywood with the critically acclaimed film 'English Vinglish,' starring Bollywood star Sridevi. He played the role of a French cook in the movie who develops a deep platonic friendship with the protagonist Shashi (Sridevi).

Mehdi Nebbou is considered to be one of Europe's finest actors. 

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