Author Nikhil Chandwani
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on 8 July, 2018
Author Nikhil Chandwani

Nikhil Chandwani is an Indian author, documentary filmmaker and photographer of international repute. He won the Conspiracy Novel of the Year Award by the American Literary Forum Society for his book ‘Coded Conspiracy.’ As a youngster, he had a tough time in college where he found the course work too hard to deal with. During this time, he turned to writing and eventually published his debut novel, followed by a poetry book. Then there was no looking back for Nikhil.

As a writer, he has a strong fascination for all things unsung and unspoken. He eventually found himself working in Hollywood as a script writer and a creative director. His shows include ‘Into Kenya Safari’ shot in Nairobi, an African wildlife safari for an international travel channel. The prolific writer writes fictional stories, political columns, TV Shows scripts, and articles for newspapers and national magazines. 
He won the 'Artist of the Year' award presented by the American Society in the presence of President Barack Obama, making him the first Asian to win this award. 

His other achievements include the UK Writers' Award, National Award from the Indian government and ‘Artist of the Year’ by Cylo Press.


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