Actor Sippora
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on 27 September, 2018
Actor Sippora

Dutch Actress Sippora Anna Zoutewelle studied aerospace engineering before moving to Mumbai to take up dance lessons. Sippora was captivated by the beauty and endless opportunity the Indian city presented, with reason she maximised openings to peruse a modelling career and auctioned for various commercials. A year after her journey in the entertainment industry commenced, she was approached by a producer to offer her roles in television soap operas. Sippora became most recognised for her roles in Indian television series such as ‘Noor’ (2017), ‘Firangi Bahu’ (2013) and ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ (2009). For her depiction as a foreign daughter in law within a traditional Indian set up for television series ‘Firangi Bahu’, although controversial was a massive success. 



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